Speed Puzzle Cube Newisland 3x3 Sticker Cube (Phoenix-Black)

  • Faster Speed Cube: upgraded structures for faster and smooth cornering
  • Better Corner Cutting: excellent choice for cubing games, competitions and entertainments
  • Durable Use: angle splicing, groove and edge clamp design, more durable
  • Safety Care: NO harm to human beings with eco-friendly materials and drop-resistant design

Newisland 3X3 Speed Cube Puzzle- Phoenix(Black)
Through a comprehensive research and development, we carry this speed cube to solve all those annoying foibles you may have met in the past!

Just take this Phoenix speed cube, to be a champion in cubing games!

-Better corner cutting allow you cubing fater than ever

-Proved anti-pop technology and upgraded structure, better stability and more durable

-Utilized PA materials central axis, more flexible and easy to adust and lubricate

-Angle blocks' splicing process and groove edge design help improve the tension of the puzzle cube.

Package List:
Newisland 3x3x3 Phoenix Pro Cube  X1
Customized Carrying Bag   X1
Solution Guide  X1

Service Support:

If you have any question, please feel free to contact with your order ID# at support@eomaker.com

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